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Confluent Platform 3.1 – Online Session

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Recording Time: 51:07

Modern businesses need to move data from isolated systems into a real-time data pipeline where they can act on it immediately. With this release, digital businesses can scale their production environments with confidence in its reliability, efficiency, and scalability for hundreds of use cases, thousands of applications and trillions of messages.

This release adds global scale and uptime, improved performance, and greater ease when moving data, regardless of whether it is deployed on-premise or in the cloud, including:

Multi-datacenter replication: In a multi-cluster environment, it is now easy to set up secure multi-cluster replication and maintain clusters in many geographical locations with centralized configuration. As a result, Kafka clusters in each datacenter are synchronized so applications and configurations in separate datacenters are in sync.

Auto data balancing: Confluent Enterprise improves resource utilization and reliability by automatically balancing data between Kafka servers in a cluster. The result is a lower probability of failures or impaired performance within Kafka environments, a more efficient and operational Kafka engineering team, nodes are more easily added and enterprises can scale clusters across environments.

Cloud migration capability: Businesses can use Confluent Enterprise to create a stream to the cloud or back and synchronize cloud clusters with on-premises clusters. This capability, based on Confluent replication, gives organizations more freedom to transition to their desired cloud strategy.