Confluent Subscription and Support

Access to Commercial Features

A Subscription to Confluent Platform provides access to a complete set of commercial features that deliver mission-critical reliability for the event streaming platform:

Control Center

Delivers a GUI to control and understand key aspects of an Apache Kafka cluster


Enables replication across data centers and public clouds for disaster recovery and distributed pipelines

Auto Data Balancer

Optimizes resource utilization through a rack-aware algorithm that rebalances partitions across a Kafka cluster

Security Plugins

Provides pass through client credentials for REST Proxy and Schema Registry and mapping of AD/LDAP groups to Kafka ACLs

MQTT Proxy

Provides access to Kafka from MQTT devices and gateways without the need for a MQTT Broker in the middle


Bietet von Confluent entwickelte und unterstützte Connectors mit gewerblicher Lizenz

Operator (available soon)

Automates deployment and key operations of Confluent Platform on Kubernetes


Confluent employs some of the world’s foremost Apache Kafka experts, and that expertise shows in the level of support we can provide.

A subscription to Confluent Platform offers a scaling level of support appropriate to the size of the environment and service levels required, which can include:

  • 24/7-Support
  • Zugang zur Confluent Knowledge Base
  • Response times as fast as 30 minutes based on service level agreement (SLA)
  • Umfassender Applikations-Lifecycle-Support – von der Entwicklung bis zum Betrieb
  • Access to expert support engineers who work directly with Kafka committers

All subscription tiers include both operational and development support.

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