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Generali Switzerland

Event-getriebene Architektur als Grundlage der Modernisierung und der digitalen Transformation bei Generali Schweiz

Like many of its competitors in the European insurance market, Generali Switzerland was at a crossroads a few years ago. The company was facing a challenging market environment with a stagnating economy, increased regulatory pressure, and rapidly growing customer expectations. Rather than stay the course with an existing IT infrastructure that was not originally designed to handle the 24 x 7 demands of today’s market, the company decided to launch a digitization and modernization initiative that would pave the way for sustainable growth for years to come. The foundation for this initiative is the Generali Connection Platform, a new IT architecture based on event streaming with Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka.

“The Connection Platform is a tremendous advantage for us – it’s the core of our IT landscape for the next 10 to 15 years,” says Martin Frick, COO of Generali Switzerland. “It connects applications with channels through one vehicle that assures coherence of data.”


Power a modernization and digitization initiative to respond to increasing customer expectations and regulatory pressure in the insurance industry


Build and deploy a new IT architecture based on event streaming with Confluent Platform


  • Core data systems linked with new business applications and channels
  • Entirely new enterprise-scale event-streaming platform rolled out in one year
  • IT teams empowered to do their jobs faster and with higher efficiency
  • Data replication and streaming times reduced from hours or days to just seconds

Christian Nicoll

Director of Platform Engineering and Operations

The Connection Platform is a game-changer for Generali. The data streaming solution we built with Attunity and Confluent allows us to replicate and stream data – not in hours or days as in the past, but in a few seconds.

Building a Game-Changing Platform with Event Streaming

The Generali Connection Platform links the company’s core data systems with business applications, channels, and services including Salesforce. Data from the core systems is ingested via Attunity Replicate, which captures and streams data change records into Confluent Platform. The event streams and schema registry on Confluent Platform have opened opportunities for the development of new applications, including several aimed at delivering enhanced customer experiences. “As an insurer, at the end of the day, we have always been in a data industry. Our specialty is using data to price risk, and we are pretty good at it,” says Pietro Carnevale, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Generali. “Now, what we are getting better at is using data to engage with our customer.”

In just 12 months, Generali went from identifying the need for a modern event-based architecture to having it rolled-out and available across the enterprise. Today, the company has five Connection Platform environments up and running – including a sandbox environment as well as development, test, acceptance, and production – with more than 300 Kafka topics per environment. Next-generation projects are already in queue for the platform, and Generali has plans in place to further scale the platform organization-wide in the next year.

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