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Online Talk: Demystifying Stream Processing with Apache Kafka

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Recording Time: 49:22

At its core, stream processing is simple: read data in, process it, and maybe emit some data out. The core features needed to do stream processing include scalability and parallelism through data partitioning, fault tolerance and event processing order guarantees, support for stateful stream processing, and handy stream processing primitives such as windowing.

This talk will introduce Kafka Streams and help you understand how to map practical data problems to stream processing and how to write applications that process streams of data at scale using Kafka Streams. We will also cover what is stream processing, why one should care about stream processing, where Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams fit in, the hard parts of stream processing, and how Kafka Streams solves those problems; along with a concrete example of how these ideas tie together in Kafka Streams and in the big picture of your data center.

This is talk 4 out of 6 from the Kafka Talk Series.